Kyoto, Day 7

I overslept this morning. I had set the alarm, but had forgotten to turn it on and Y had to come in twice to wake me up. After a quick breakfast, she took me to the train station, where I met with Allison and Lisa and we hopped on a shinkansen and made our way to Kyoto. Once in Kyoto we got a cab that took us to our ryokan. I’m not sure what Allison’s ryokan was like, but Lisa and I were staying at Rikiya Ryokan, which is owned and operated by two ancient obaasans. We were shown to our room, where we were given green tea and cake and after inspecting the view and amenities, Lisa and I went to meet Allison. From there we wandered around the streets looking for lunch and eventually found a nice soba shop with outdoor seating. We had some noodles and beer and then continued our meandering up to Kiyomizudera. The road to Kiyomizudera was littered with shops selling various wares and we did a fair amount of shopping on our way up. We finally reached the temple just before closing and explored the grounds speculating as to what was the purpose of each of the buildings. On our way out of the temple, we stopped to examine the structure of the building – what makes Kiyomizudera unique is the fact that it is made without using any nails. We returned the same way we came, doing some more shopping, snacking on some nikuman and anman. At some point, Lisa and I lost Allison, but we were able to find each other back at our ryokan. We had more noodles for dinner and checked out the art festival that was going on. All of us were pretty tired at this point, so we turned in for an early evening.

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