From yesterday:

Believe it or not, this post is *not* about midwifery or clinical or women’s health.  It’s about knitting.

Forming the cervix and base of the uterus.  [insert cerclage joke here]

Forming the cervix and base of the uterus. [insert cerclage joke here]

My sister was diagnosed with a fibroid a few months back and decided to get it removed (today, actually).  Naturally, she was a little nervous about the surgery and so to lift her spirits, I knit her this awesome womb (pattern from Knitty.com) and sent it to her with some chocolate (because evidence shows that chocolate rapidly increases the rate of healing in post-op patients.  I’m sure this study exists somewhere).  A few days after I sent her care package, I got this email:

“so my f@$%ing cats went to town on my uterus and damn near ripped it apart.  the fallopian tubes are all droopy and the little tie thingies are sticking out and i don’t know how to fix it and i want to cry.”

That button is her fibroid.

That button is her fibroid (in real life it was 8cm – roughly the size of a potato)

You can understand my initial concern (and horrifying flashback to that oh-so-traumatizing scene in The Devil’s Advocate, that left me crawling on the floor into my bathroom so as to avoid looking into any reflective surfaces, where Charlize Theron’s ovaries get ripped out by some demon) when reading the first line of this email.  As I figured out what was going on, my concern gave way to bemusement – I mean, cats decided to attack a small, plushy toy made out of yarn and fiber?  Shock.  The good news is that my sister was able to repair her knit uterus and I just got word that the surgeon was able to fix my sister’s actual uterus.  Glad that she is home safe and well.


In other news…
Deeply saddened by news of the school shooting today.  My heart goes out to those in Newtown, CT.

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