I finished my first semester of clinical rotation as a student midwife last week.  We are required to keep logs of how many patients we see, what sort of visits we do, etc.  Oftentimes it feels like a chore, but looking over my case log totals, I’m really glad they make us do it.  Here’s my stats for the semester:

Total Clinical Hours: 88
Patients Seen: 70
-Age 13-17: 3
-Age 18-49: 57
-Age 50-64: 7
-Age >65: 3
-White: 7
-Black/African American: 33
-Hispanic: 29
-Asian: 1
Annual Exams: 21
New OBs: 6
Return OBs: 20
Postpartum: 3
Episodic/Problem Focused: 12
IUD Insertions: 3
Consults/Other: 5

Thank you to all the ladies who let me learn with them, who listened to me get it wrong and watched me make mistakes and didn’t judge me too harshly for it.  Thank you to my preceptor for being patient and kind, while still pushing me to do better.  Thank you to this wonderful profession for teaching me humility, for finding me and allowing me to do this work.

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