Vermont-Montreal Day 12

We woke up, packed up and then had one more breakfast of croissants and coffee to cap off our time in Montreal.  Originally, we had planned to take two days to drive back and maybe stop off in Boston, but E’s flight was in the early afternoon on Monday, so we decided to make the six hour drive back to New Haven in one shot.  I’m waiting to get used to this phenomenon, but it still blows my mind that we can travel through two countries and four states in just six hours on this coast.

At the Canada-US border, E and I got “chatted down.”  The border patrol agent asked us a series of questions, all of which are simple enough to answer, but they still manage to make you feel like you’re doing something wrong.  On our way in, the agent had asked us where we lived and E said, “I live in California,” which then of course begged the question as to where I lived and where I was from.  Attempting to be better prepared this time around, when the agent asked where we lived, E said, “I live in California and she lives in Connecticut.”  To which the agent responded, “So how do you two know each other?”  E and I looked at each other for a moment and I could tell by his face that he and I were thinking the same thing and trying not to laugh:  It’s complicated?  Where do you want us to start?  How long do you have, lady?  Neither of us could even begin to imagine how to answer that question simply.

I forget the name of the town where we stopped for lunch, but I think it was somewhere in New York and I think it might have been a ski resort town.  We filled up on gas while we were there and then continued our drive to Connecticut.  At some point, both of us kind of needed to stop, but we were so close that I just kept driving.  We rolled into New Haven just after 7, got some dinner and then went back to my place to crash.

Looking back, I worry that we should have done more, said more, figured out more.  And then I realize that that kind of thinking diminishes what we did do and say (we didn’t really figure anything out, haha), how much we shared and how awesome our time together was.

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One Response to Vermont-Montreal Day 12

  1. Allyson says:

    I just spent a good half hour reading (oops, not working) about your trip and looking at pictures. What a treat. As a fellow Californian, I’ve had that same experience — being amazed by how many states you can cross in six hours on the East Coast. Hope back to school goes smoothly. Hope we can see you next time you are back in Cali.

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