Vermont-Montreal Day Ten

Still full from dinner, we vetoed our meat sandwich plan for lunch and instead took a walkt o Vieux-Montreal.  We toured the cobblestone streets, ate at an overly hot cafe, popped in and out of shops and took a walk along the pier.  We saw a kid lose his shoe to the river, while E nearly lost his to dog shit.

From Vieux-Montreal we walked up to Le Village, which turned out to be a fun and quirky neighborhood.  We chose a street that had fun, inviting pink lanterns strung up across the road and admired the street art and funky shops.  We commented that in some ways, it was very much like the Haight meets the Castro with its big wall murals, record stores and gay clubs.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant called Food Lab, which is somehow related to (or perhaps located in?) the Society of Arts and Technologies.  At Food Lab, they plan their menus by themes and today’s was “Italie.”  We had a bit of everything – olives, ricotta salad, sausage and a stone fruit tart.  All this was paired with a lovely orange wine called Catavela.  It tasted a bit like sour beer, which is to say, delicious.

Exhausted from walking around all day, we went back to the hotel, split a bottle of wine, watched some TV and went to bed.

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