Vermont-Montreal Day Seven

Today we rounded out our Vermont summer camp experience with a little canoeing.  We got off to a rough start (hit the sandbank two strokes in), but eventually we found our groove.  We spent a good 2.5h on the water, stopping for a bit of a swim.  I know that river sports can be quite dynamic and challenging, but there’s something so peaceful and calming about floating along the water.  Toward the end of our “float” (that’s what the rental guys called it), we hit the world’s smallest rapids.  Unable to correct our course in time, I saw that we were headed for some low hanging trees.  Rather than trying to steer us away, I opted to hit the deck, with E quickly following suit.  We emerged unscathed and barely able to move from laughing so hard.  I’m sure that was one of those things that was much cooler in our heads than it was to the casual observer.

From there we went in search of food, which turned into a search for hiking.  We passed through Smuggler’s Notch and found ourselves in the parking lot of Mt. Mansfield Ski Resort.  We decided to take the gondola to the top (can I just say, that gondolas are God’s gift to snowboarders?  Ski lifts are so awkward as a snowboarder and I’ve never really mastered it.  Gondolas, on the other hand = genius) and then walked the way down.  I’ve never been to a ski slope in the summer and the difference is amazing.  What I assumed were slope trails were covered in grass and wildflowers and the only clear path was a switchback made up of loose gravel.  It took us a little over an our to get down and by the time we did our poor legs were jelly.  I’ve heard it’s harder to walk down a mountain than up (on the way up, you’re using your big leg muscles, but on the way down it’s all tiny stabilizers), and after today, I believe it.

We drove back from Mt. Mansfield to prepare ourselves another lovely dinner – chicken with grilled eggplant and asparagus, peach salsa, kale salad and yellow eye beans.  We polished off the rest of the Ben & Jerry’s while watching the very close match between USA and China in women’s beach volleyball (go Misty & Kerri!)

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