Vermont-Montreal Day Six

When we finally crawled out of bed this morning, E made us a late brunch of fruit and eggs.  Then after washing up (in our usual fashion – me washing, E drying), we went for a walk around the grounds, winding our way around several different ponds.  About an hour and a half in, we were under near constant attack from mosquitoes, so we decided to head back.  If there’s one things that will ruin my dream of rural living, it’s the bugs.  Maybe I’ll have a summer home in a city =P.

After our walk, we did some laundry, caught up on emails and sat in the lukewarm hottub watching the clouds roll by for a bit.  For dinner, E grilled us up a lovely dinner of steak, two kinds of salad and roasted vegetables.  We ate it slow on the porch, talking about the most mundane and unimportant things and then polished off half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (Oatmeal Cookie Crunch – the one I’d been wanting all trip, but couldn’t get in a cone, so we had to wait until we had a freezer so we could buy a pint).  After dinner we got comfortable on the couch and popped in a movie – A River Runs Through It – one we had actually both seen and loved prior to meeting one another (E and I have a running joke that we’ve read none of the same books, listened to none of the same music and seen none of the same movies unless we’ve read, listened or watched them together).

Side note:  I’ve been forcing E to watch the Olympics throughout our trip and I brought up the swimmer, Missy Franklin.  When asked about why she stayed in Colorado with her high school swim team, she commented that she might have been able train with other coaches in more prestigious facilities.  She may have improved technically, but she thought that ultimately, because her entire support network was in Colorado, she didn’t think she would have performed as well because she wouldn’t have been happy.  It feels good to be with E again.  To have amazingly boring days, that are all the more extra-ordinary because of it.

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