Vermont-Montreal Day Four

We missed breakfast today and had lunch instead at Magnolia’s, a local, green restaurant. From there we found our way down to Local Motion to rent bikes for a few hours.  We biked down the Lake Champlain trail, pedaling past beaches, homes and railroad tracks.  We stopped at a bridge for some pictures.  As we were snapping away, a kid with a Vermont-shaped tattoo jumped off the side of the bridge into the water below.  I had seen him looking over the side, but didn’t see him jump – I just heard the splash as he hit the water.  I looked over the edge in time to see him swim to shore and crawl back up the staircase to the bridge again.  I was glad he wasn’t suicidal, but the whole scene did make me wonder if I would have noticed or done anything if he had been.  We continued down to the Causeway, which was closed due to flooding earlier in the year, and then turned around and came back again.

After our ride, I thought I was going to die, not so much from exhaustion or exertion, but from my insides about to boil over (I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced your insides being hot, but it’s really unnerving).  We grabbed some lemonade in a nearby cafe and I chomped down the ice for a few more minutes before E and I went over to Farmhouse Tap & Grill for a leisurely dinner.  We sampled a few more beers and ciders and ate some delicious, local-grown food.  After 2.5h at the table, we decided to turn in, happy and content with our day.

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