Vermont-Montreal Day Three

We slept our morning away, which was much needed and felt good.  Sometime after noon, we moseyed our way over to Shelburne Farms, where we had delicious roast beef sandwiches and homemade lemonade from their cart, followed b a brief tour of their barn.  At the barn they made bread and cheese and had a variety of activities for families and children.  Then we set out on a 4+ mile farm hike, already slick with sweat in the near 90 degree weather.

The Farm Trail took us up to Lone Tree Hill, where we got a fantastic view of Lake Champlain.  Then it took us through the woods, over pastures, up to the dairy barn and eventually back down to the farm store.  It was amazing to me how you could walk that much on your own land, how so much of it didn’t seem to be being used for anything and how close it was to civilization.  E and I had one of our standard long talks as we walked, grateful for the time and space to process and dream.

We returned to the hotel hot and sweaty and took a dip in the pool.  Then we headed to dinner at Bluebird Tavern, where we had two of the most amazing salads.  E checked off two of the beers on his list – the Walden and another one by Lawson’s.  For dessert we had Ben & Jerry’s and then we strolled around a bit more before heading back to the hotel.

Two observations about Vermont (or maybe just Burlington) today: 1) Everyone here is really earnest and sincere.  E was warned about this before coming out here, but I had no idea.  Everyone seems to have all the time in the world to talk to you, to help you out.  It’s never rushed and you never get the impression that they have anything better to do.  It’s nice and startling in a way.  2) For whatever reason, none of the young men here drive with their shirts on.  Everyone seems to be wearing one on the street, but I have seen more shirtless college-aged men driving around here than I can count.

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