Vermont-Montreal Day Two

We woke up earlier than we would have liked, which was fine as it gave me some time to repack and for us to get breakfast at Chaps.  From there, we hit the road – just four short hours to Burlington.  It’s shocking to me, still, how small these states are.  We nearly missed Massachusetts entirely.

Vermont is notable for many things, one of which is its absence of billboards.  They make up for their lack of freeway advertising by having tons of visitor’s centers.  I’m accustomed to the I-5 rest stops – little huts with metal toilets, a couple of drinking fountains and maybe a vending machine – but these are replaced by visitor’s centers in Vermont.  We stopped at the first one across the border, picked up some brochures and checked out the brewery map.  A few exits later in Battleboro, we decided to stop for coffee and a bit of a walk before we were on our way again.

We arrived in Burlington sometime after 4 pm, got settled into our hotel and then made our way downtown to the Vermont Pub & Brewery for an early dinner.  We made the obligatory walk down to Lake Champlain, but too tired to take in or appreciate anything, we headed back to the hotel for some sleep.

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