Spring is officially here in New Haven.  Not that we had much of a winter, but things have definitely changed.  The sakura and magnolias are in full bloom and I finally figured out what a daffodil is…because they’re EVERYWHERE.  Instead of saying “popping up like daisies,” we should say “popping up like daffodils.”  The temp has been a solid 50-something degrees (with some random rain here and there), I’m sportin’ some tan lines, switched over to my summer make up and Maki introduced me to Froyo World.  It’s actually been rather pleasant to walk to school in the mornings.

To be honest, it’s not just the nice weather and pretty flowers that makes walking to school pleasant.  It’s also the getting out of my house and away from the porch construction.  They began the first day of spring and are almost done now, but that first week was rough – the workers hung out and gabbed to one another outside my window starting at 7am, and the jackhammering started promptly at 7:30.  I was awake before then anyway during the week, but I have to admit I lost it a little when it happened on Saturday.  The noise was constant and it was particularly special when the entire house started vibrating.  At some point, they boarded up our front door in order to tear down the porch.  Along with the porch, they tore down our mailbox and even though the workers set the mailbox off to the side, the postman still couldn’t get into it.  After about a week and a half of trying to track down my mail (calling the landlord, calling USPS, calling our local post office only to have them let the phone ring.  And ring.  And ring), the postman gave up and started leaving it in a bundle by what was left of the mailbox.  We now have access to our front door and the mailbox has been put back up, but I still don’t think we can use either one.

At first I thought it might be tinnitus, but then I realized that I really was hearing jackhammering everywhere even when I was out and about.  It occurred to me that spring must be construction season in places where it snows, since they probably can’t get any work done in the winter.  It’s a nice metaphor – breaking ground, tearing down the old and rebuilding the new.  I just wish they’d carry out the metaphor a little more quietly.

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2 Responses to Spring

  1. Wayne says:

    Wow, why the renovation on the porch?

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