Sons of Anarchy

I’m on Spring Break!  In the next few days, I hope to be posting a few things that I’ve been batting around in my head for a while.  I thought I’d start with something easy, although, it may only be funny to me (and M):

Via Text:

(March 2)
Me: I’m on episode 3 of sons of anarchy
M: omg. don’t you have a wet hot crush on Jax?
Me: yeah pretty much.

(March 4)
Me: So, I don’t want to keep bothering you while you’re on your vacay, but I plan to monopolize our conversation at dinner on wed with my processing re SOA
M: What’s SOA? School of the Americas?
Me: Lol. Sons of Anarchy
M: Oh yes. I do love that show.  By show I mean Hottie McHotterson.
Me: dear sweet jesus, why doesn’t jax just run around shirtless the whole show? Opie isn’t bad either.
M: Agree.
M: All I want to do is traffic guns and ride motorcycles
Me: We could form a naughty nurse motorcycle gang
M: And run pain killers
Me: omg, now that that seed is planted, I want to make it happen.  We need naughty nurse leather jackets.
M: Yeah, the only thing I’m not super on board with is the outfits.  Haha.
Me: Basic safety dictates that you have to wear a leather jacket while riding, but otherwise I will still let you wear dresses, tights and clogs.
M: Ahahahaha. So true. I also want helmets with music speakers and radio.  My motorcycle name is Mongoose.
Me: Hi.larious. I almost just choked on my gum.

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One Response to Sons of Anarchy

  1. Wayne says:

    I don’t know about this, you and bikes don’t get along to well at times….

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