Seen & Heard in Connecticut

Just had to share this really sweet moment from this morning:

My clinical group and I went out to brunch at Bella’s today in celebration of finishing our Med-Surg rotation.  Beth had to have her car jumped before brunch, and when we came out it had died again.

Sarah:  Oh no!  I don’t have cables!
Beth:  It’s okay, I have cables.
Sarah:  Oh great, why don’t you just drive your car over to the parking lot [where my car is parked]?
Beth:  Um…
Me:  She can’t.

So Erika drove her car around and pulled up alongside to jump Beth’s car, but couldn’t figure out how to pop her hood.  Beth and I were trying to explain where the lever might be when a man came up to us and asked if we needed any help.  Beth seemed like she had a handle on things, but the man was a mechanic and so she accepted.  He got everything hooked up and the car started and we all thanked the man.  My car needs an oil change so I asked the man where he worked.

Man:  Oh, I don’t work as a mechanic anymore.  I used to be one, but now I’m a nurse.
Me, Shelly, Sarah:  OHHHHH!  We’re nursing students!

It’s official:  Nurses are awesome.

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One Response to Seen & Heard in Connecticut

  1. Wayne says:

    Yes, nurses arrrrre awesome!! Get you oil changed?

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