Yale-Harvard, 2011

I went to an all-girls school.  I think I made it to one Bellarmine-St. Francis game, during which I probably spent most of my time talking about other things with my girlfriends.  In college we didn’t have much of a football team.  No really, they actually had to discontinue it because there were too few players.  Again, I think I made it to one LC game (the last one), where I think I probably spent most of my time wondering how/why the football and cross-country teams had managed to latch onto each other (they showed up to each other’s meets/games half naked in orange and black body paint).  Suffice to say, school spirit and sports aren’t really my thing.

Now I’m in grad school and people are all abuzz about the Yale-Harvard game.  I guess, more specifically, they’re abuzz about the tailgate before the game, but really it’s all the same.  With the game just a little less than two weeks away, the really motivated people have been rallying support and selling Yale-wear.  I just got an email about these shirts and they were too funny not to share.  In case you can’t read the bar underneath “Step 1: Drop Out,” it says “Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Damon and 69 others like this.”

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