Where’s Waldo?

Where's Waldo?

Happy Halloween!  I used to view Halloween as an excuse to wear stuff that my mother would never have let me out of the house in (except for the couple of times I dressed up in my old uniform and did the Catholic school girl thing), but after freezing my nearly-exposed ass off in Portland my first Halloween, I decided that it just wasn’t worth it.  I entered a new phase of costume-wearing:  The cheap, practical, warm phase.

This year I went as Waldo.  Not super original, I know.  But I had the shirt, the scarf (thanks Steph for the wedding party favor!) and the glasses (yup, didn’t even wear my contacts out – doesn’t get much more comfortable than that) already, so I decided to knit myself a hat.  I bought the cheapest yarn I could find at the LYS, Knit New Haven, and modified a pattern from my Stitch n’ Bitch book (modified = used fuzzy math).  For the curious:

Supplies:  One ball of red and white yarn (my guess is DK/sport – I misplaced the labels, but I did 24 st to 4-ish”), set of size 5 double pointed needles.

Pattern:  CO 119 st; 1.5″ k2p2 (red); 4″ knit (alternating white and red every inch); place markers every 17 st; decrease every marker for one round, then knit one round; do this three more times; decrease every round until only 7 st left (cont. to alternate colors every 1″); loop yarn through remaining stitches and tie off.

My finished product was a bit big, but only by a smidge, so my genius idea was to wash it and then blow dry it, since supposedly wool shrinks when you wash/dry it.  Somehow the hat expanded even more, but now it has this cute slouchy look that I’m kind of into.  Stacey, the manager at Breathing Room, who also crochets amigurumi as her day job, said that I might have accidentally stretched the hat while washing/drying it and that I could sew some thin elastic into the band to help make sure it stays on my head.  Great idea!  Thanks Stacey!

After all this, I donned my costume and headed out for a night of fun at GPSCY, only to be evacuated 30 minutes later because of a fire alarm.  With $8-$10 covers everywhere else, we ended up drinking $1 Mike’s Hard Lemonades (I stopped drinking these about the same time I stopped wearing slutty Halloween costumes) at a pizza shop and then called it a night.  The good news?  I was one of the warmer people waiting outside in the snow during the fire alarm.

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