First Snow

And on the heels of that last post, the first snow!

First Snow

 I left the house without gloves (it wasn’t snowing when I left), my car still doesn’t have anti-freeze in it and my winter jacket hasn’t arrived yet.

I think the snow makes it look even more like Hogwarts

Thankfully I had the good sense to throw on rubber boots and a hat before I left, and, even though it required some digging, was able to lift my windshield wipers off my car when I came back.

Fall into Winter

Even though my little Californian heart thought (hoped?) we had at least another month before this stuff started falling from the sky, I became enchanted with this place when I visited last winter and the spell still holds me now.

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2 Responses to First Snow

  1. jw135 says:

    Wow those are beautiful photos! The snow is bittersweet for me; it’s so beautiful but it’s a nightmare to drive in!

    Also, you might enjoy this article:

    Thanks for the lovely post.

    • anotherperfectwonder says:

      Thanks! Your photos are gorgeous as well! I’ve yet to drive in the snow – I imagine that once I have to, the novelty will wear off for me =P

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