Wagons East! Day 4

We left Iowa a bit later than we wanted to this morning.  It’s really really hard to hit the road again when you’re staying in a comfy hotel and are tired of driving.  Illinois was one big construction zone and Indiana was one big traffic jam.  Indiana also fulfilled another stereotype I’ve been led to believe about Middle America that had yet to materialize:  It was the first place we’d seen really fat people.  I mentioned this to E and he grumbled something about how we hadn’t spent very much time in Walmarts.

As we drove into Ohio, we saw a thunderstorm off in the distance.  It was far enough away for me to feel excited about it (compared to the last time we drove through one and I pestered E with questions about whether or not we would get hit by lightning since I felt my bike was acting as a giant lightning rod, and if we did get hit by lightning, if it would mess up my car).  The sun was setting during the storm, which made for a cool effect as the lightning danced across the sky.  We ended up driving through the storm after all, and could barely see was we tried to find the Bs’ house (one of the benefits of taking the Northern route to Connecticut is that we were driving through Cleveland, which is where Lindsay’s parents live.  Over the (::gasp:: almost 10) years, I’ve gotten to know her family and they’re all pretty awesome, so I was glad to be able to see them).

We arrived at the Bs’ house around 9:30 and were met with wine, hors d’oeuvres (bacon-wrapped melon!), dinner (salmon!) and good company.  It was so nice to sit down to a real meal with real people (not that E and I aren’t real people – it’s just that after several hours in the car on the road, our meal-time conversations were not particularly…loquacious).  After dinner, Meg showed us to the hot tub, where we took a much needed soak before bed.  We sat in the tub, letting the cares from the road seep out of us.  We were out before our heads hit the pillow.

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