Wagons East! Day 1

I woke up this morning and hung out with my parents for a while.  Then E and I got ready, piled ourselves in the car and started driving.  Not really that much to report on this leg of the trip – we were out of California fairly quickly and once past Reno, we were officially the farthest East I’ve ever been in my own car (Tucson being the only other place farther East that I’ve driven).  Nevada is a mind-boggling wide state (over 4oo miles), with nothing interesting to look at.  E tried to engage me by pointing out the various roadside brothels, but they were all closed and didn’t hold my interest.  As a Californiana, my geography and knowledge of which cities are in which states is not so good and around Winnemucca I thought I was going to lose my shit if we didn’t get to Utah soon.  Thankfully Winnemucca is on the border and soon we were into another time zone and looking over the salt flats of Utah.

A few miles outside Salt Lake City

The salt flats provided an interesting change of scenery and soon these gave way to the foothills of the Rockies, which were beautiful in their greenery and vastness.  We arrived in Salt Lake City and found something to eat.  Salt Lake didn’t feel so different from home – we were near the university and it seemed metropolitan and diverse enough.  Then a patron asked our Asian-American server where she was from.  ::sigh::

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