Wedding – Day 4

Today we “slept in” and had an early-ish brunch with E’s friend, D, his girlfriend and his parents.  A part of me felt obligated to help out in the kitchen, but we were assured that that wasn’t necessary, so I sank gratefully into my seat at the table.  Everyone was super awesome and excellent company and neither E, nor I, were super excited about getting into the car.  Eventually we tore ourselves away and departed.

We had a pleasant ride home.  I told E that I felt so happy and content and he said he felt the same.  We talked about how we had learned something about our relationship that weekend, but that we weren’t quite sure how to translate it into our day-to-day lives.  It isn’t practical to be constantly adventuring and taking on large, stressful projects that could potentially ruin our relationship all the time.  Then again, maybe there is a way and we just can’t see it right now (we did joke that kids might be the answer).

We stopped in SF to unload and then E put me on BART and went to return the Journey.  When I arrived in Fremont, I found my parents had packed up my car (all better!) for me, which was really awesome of them.  I did some laundry and E showed up a little while later.  We prepared for another night of not-quite-enough sleep, followed by a long day.

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