I knit a moebius for Lindsay’s birthday this year!  A moebius is like a scarf, but the two ends are connected together, forming a circle, which you can then loop around your neck/head/body/whatever.  I got the pattern for free at Nine Rubies, a yarn store in San Mateo.

How cute is she?

Yarn: 1 ball Sol Degrade by Lang Yarns (it’s 100% cotton, and flat!)

Needles: 2 sets of size 10 (the pattern calls for 10.5’s, but I didn’t have any, so I used 10’s)

Skills Needed:  Cast on, knit, yarn over, three-needle bind-off

It’s a pretty simple pattern that creates a nice, airy scarf.  And I’d recommend using a row-counter for this one.  I lost my place in the pattern and had to go back and count rows a zillion times before I finally decided to use one.

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