Ashland – Day Three

Crimson & Clover

We woke up early-ish and had another meandering breakfast with R, D and N.  E and I commented later how much fun we had talking with these three.  We covered all sorts of topics in our time together – photography, food, nursing/midwifery, the environment, travel (D hung out in Kenya with Masai warriors), gardening (they have a beautiful garden), schools (R is a member of the school board), virtual businesses (D owns one), the slow life, family, Catholicism (N did his time in a parochial school as well), plans for the future, etc.  They were all good story-tellers and easy to talk to and open up around.  E and I reflected that we would like to live this kind of life one day.  We had a similar conversation last year at Gahr Farm on our Portland-LA road trip, and back then it seemed more real and tangible.  This time it felt more like a nice idea that would have to wait.

We said our goodbyes and our thank yous and then we hit the road.  This time the sun was out and we were well-rested, so the trip was much more pleasant.  We stopped just once for lunch and gas and made it home in time for dinner.  We unpacked and ordered take out and crawled into bed early.

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