Ashland – Day One

In August, E will be catering a wedding for a friend-of-a-friend up in Ashland.  The wedding will be at the bride’s parent’s house and so we decided to take a mini trip up there to see the property.

I picked up E right after work on Tuesday and we began the drive up to Ashland.  We had both had long days and were pretty grumpy, which was compounded by the pouring rain, the accident we got stuck behind in Fairfield and the thick wall of fog we hit as soon as we crossed the Oregon border.  It took us 8 hours to get up there, which is the longest it’s taken me to get to Ashland.  Ever.  The mood was lightened slightly when we stopped at Wendy’s for dinner.  This is the first time we’ve had fast food since last May and we were shocked that we paid less than $10 for both us.  E has been concerned about food costs at work, and I pointed out that Wendy’s may have given us the answer:  He could cut costs by not serving real food.  (I say this with love.  Wendy’s is one of my favorite places to not eat real food.  Square burgers?!  Frosties?!)  R and D live up in the hills and so after several wrong turns we finally arrived.  Exhausted, we collapsed into bed.

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