15 Years of Blanket

It’s been (at least) 15 years in the making and now, it’s finished.  As a kid, AB had these two crocheted blankets and I decided I wanted to learn.  Retrospectively, learning a simple stitch and whipping out a scarf or a potholder in a couple of days would have been the place to start, but, never one to do things the easy way, I decided to tackle a blanket.  We bought some yarn, AB started the piece for me and I’ve been working on it ever since.  I usually bring it out in the winter and work obsessively on it for a time.  Then it goes back in the closet.  Over the last couple of years, I have taught myself how to make simpler projects – a hat, the aforementioned scarves and potholders – and this winter when I went to start on my blanket again, I decided that this was the year.  I was going to finish that thing if it killed me.

Mom did this psychometry (sp?) class where she had to bring in an object that had been around longer than 10 years.  It had to be wood, or metal, since I guess those things are easier to get a reading on.  Anyway, the idea was to get a sense of the object/owner’s history just by touching it.  While I’d never heard of people actually doing this sort of thing before, the idea inherently made sense to me.  I think that objects absorb our energy and have their own story to tell.  This is the root feeling behind a lot of my reluctance to get rid of things (F-ing Velveteen Rabbit).  I thought about this idea again as I worked the yarn – how much of my life it had been a part of, what kind of story it would tell.

15 Years of Blanket

I had always intended to keep the blanket once I was done, but now that it is, I look around my tiny apartment and realize that there’s no place to store it (it’s huge).  This is going to sound weird, but I’ve always liked wearing other people’s clothes.  In fact, I think I’ve commandeered at least one article of clothing from everyone important in my life.  It’s a comfort thing – even if it’s been in my possession for years, it still has the original owner’s energy in it and I like to feel that from time-to-time.  And so I’m thinking about this as I think about a new home for my blanket – how the person I give it to will be able to wrap themselves up in my energy and how that might bring them some comfort.

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