Blog Update

This is kind of becoming a habit – revamping my blog every year.  This year’s major change is a cost-cutting one.  I’m now running this blog and the Around the World blog through the free version of WordPress (as opposed to the paid version that I was using before).  I kept my domain name, though, so you can still type in and get to the main blog.  Below are some changes you can expect to see:

1.  And this is the important one – I didn’t transfer over my subdomain.  So the Around the World (aka Travel Blog) is now at

2.  The theme – it’s different and there’s no rotating headers, but it’s still clean and simple and I like it

3.  Photo albums on the travel blog will now link you to a Google Picasa album

4.  日本語でうてるよ! (in case you or your computer do not read Japanese, this says that I can type in Japanese now!)

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