This one has been a long time coming…

About a month ago, my sister came home for a visit.  Buying birthday presents for her and Mom back in May got a little…disrupted…so I needed to think of something fast (Mom still only has half a gift, which I keep forgetting to give her).  Kat had recently called me from the car (you can still do that in Arizona.  Which is weird, because you can no longer teach Ethnic Studies or be Mexican there) as she was driving up and down a road looking for a shop that supposedly sold stripper gear (she teaches pole fitness and needed some shoes).  She couldn’t find it and she was greatly disappointed because that was her last hope for 8″ stilettos.  A light bulb went off in my head and I thought to myself that if you couldn’t find stripper shoes in SF, you couldn’t find them anywhere.

Kat's Stripper Shoes

My search brought us to a shop called Foot Worship in the TL.  This turned out to be the Mecca of stripper shoes – they had platforms, stilettos, knee-high boots, thigh-high boots, shoes so tall they would give you nosebleeds, cute shoes, dominatrix shoes and more.  The shop owner was a very sweet man (who had some nicer things to say about Arizona than either my sister or I did) and after trying on 4-or-so pairs of shoes, Kat found what she was looking for.  *side note:  My sister is transformed in heels.  Normally she’s very slouchy – she looks a good three inches shorter than me when standing, even though she’s technically taller.  But in shoes that I literally had to hold on to furniture to walk in, she glides around like a swan in a lake.*


I’ve been having some problems with my feet lately – namely, they hurt all the time.  I’d been whining about it for a while and everyone around me told me I needed to bite the bullet and get some new shoes, but shoes are expensive, blah blah blah.  Finally I decided I couldn’t wait anymore and I began my search.  Nothing turned up at the usual suspects (DCs, Vans, DSW), so I was forced to try something new:  Piperlime.  Typically I’m very happy with the Gap/Old Navy family, but buying shoes online freaked me out.  I found a few pairs I liked, but I was still on the fence until I saw that they had a large selection of Saucony’s – E’s preferred brand of shoe, which we were having trouble finding anywhere else.  Like any woman, I thought if *he* was getting new shoes, I should, too.  So I went for the Onitsuka (*yay* Japan!) Tigers.

Onitsuka Tigers

They turned out to be way more sparkly than they looked online, but I still think I can rock them =)

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