SF-LA: Day 12

Oh so very reluctantly we dragged ourselves out of bed this morning, repacked the car and hit the road again. The I-5 isn’t half as interesting on the way down to LA as it is up to Portland and so we spent our time trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. We hit traffic about an hour and a half outside of LA and crept our way into the city as the fog crept in from the ocean. We arrived in Santa Monica sometime around 5 and took a much needed 45 minute break from one another – me to the gym, E to a New Yorker.

After a shower and some sitting around doing nothing, we popped over to meet E’s friend from college, J, and his girlfriend, L (a real live rocket scientist). We had dinner at Ramenya, where E and I had our old standbys – miso for me and chashu for him – definitely some of the better ramen we’ve had since returning to the States. We went back to J and L’s apartment for a bit before finding our way back to the hotel.

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