McMinnville – SF: Day 11

Originally we were going to head out to the Oregon coast today, but services for Grandma are on Wednesday and so we decided to take our road trip in new direction – namely, South. After talking about it, we realized that it would be a very long, hard drive down the coast to make it home (to drop off E) and then down to SoCal in time. The point was to spend this time together, so now we’re barreling down the I-5 toward home to unpack, repack and hit the road again.

We stopped in Roseburg, and then Yreka. Every time we saw farm animals we would excitedly identify them. The lovelace fields were in bloom and from the freeway it looked like someone had dropped a layer of cream onto the grass. We played some games, listened to some music and had Olive Garden for dinner. Finally, around 11 we were home.

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