Portland: Day 9

Today E and I met up with Clay at this place called Pok-Pok in SE. It’s a cool little place that serves SE Asian street food. We ordered family style and basked in awesomeness.

Our plans had originally involved the zoo or the arboretum, but (typically) it was pouring rain, so we drove over to Powell’s instead. We got lost in the bookstore for an hour or so and then popped over to Voodoo donuts, which apparently has become a destination spot. Whenever I went there in college, it was pretty much empty, but today it there was a line around the block. At first I thought I wasn’t going to get anything, but then I saw they had sprinkles.

We took our donuts to Stump Town so E could try their coffee (approved) and then we and Clay parted ways for the moment. E and I went over to Ally and Max’s (beautiful house, kick-ass garden) and then Burdett and some of his friends showed up as well. From there we went back across the river to the Green Dragon to meet up with Clay and some other people from LC. It was good to see everyone again…it’s been so long and everyone has changed, but there are parts that remain the same and I was glad to reconnect. Plus, as strange as this sounds, it was really nice to be around a bunch of guys after spending a very juicy week with 19 other women.

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