Menucha-Portland: Day 8

“Ballard Hall is about to float away on a barge of its own sewage.” – G.

I’d been noticing a weird kitty litter smell in our hall for days, but today it reached a new level of awful. We treated the second floor like fire fighters might treat a burning building – at the bottom of the stairs we’d hold our breath, run up, do what we needed to do, and run back down again. Something about the septic system not working properly.

So we sat in the main room with the windows wide open, the fire burning hot and passing around the sage stick. We wrapped up our time together and said our goodbyes and then M, A and I headed off to the airport. After dropping them off, I picked E up and we drove back toward downtown Portland. I’d forgotten how many freeways/highways/whatever intersected in one small space in Portland and somehow ended up at OMSI instead of LC. Eventually I found my way back and I gave E the campus tour. On our way back up to the dorms through the Ultimate field, I got him to grudgingly admit that LC was beautiful, but not without a promise to drag me to Pomona if we were ever in LA.

From there we took a hike through Tryon – I wanted a bit of an adventure and frolicked off down one of the trails sans map. E, who was sleep deprived and travel stupid, was feeling less adventurous and picked up the first map we came across. We would have stayed longer, but it started pouring rain and we scurried back to the car.

After stopping at the REI, we parked ourselves in front of Kelly’s house and creepily waited for her to return home. Once inside, I did my laundry, snarfed down a bunch of chips and guacamole and watched my first NBA game (no really – I’m pretty sure this is the first one I’ve seen in it’s entirety). It was the Lakers-Suns game and Kelly spent the whole time swearing at the Lakers. E spent the whole time silently rooting for them.

Mom’s birthday today. Grandma still arguing with God.

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One Response to Menucha-Portland: Day 8

  1. Kelly says:

    Cheering FOR the Lakers? I think this means you must break up with him immediately

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