Menucha: Days 6 & 7

We worked on Tigers today – advanced Tigers is significantly different from our level one Tigers. On the one hand, I understand that we were taught the bare bones version and that we were now expanding our skills. But on the other hand, like everyone else, I felt a little attached to the Tigers I had learned and mastered!

I was able to explore the Menucha grounds a little more between sessions today. I walked the labyrinth and visited the old pool house. It was a little like visiting old ruins – the pool was empty and the grill and changing rooms were abandoned. The view from the pool was epic – you could see the Columbia river and a lot of the gorge.

The Munchkat’s birthday today. Mom down in Hemet to be with Grandma who is arguing with an agent of Heaven about her travel arrangements. Apparently she is ready to go, but the driver won’t take her quite yet. It’s both kind of powerful and a little eerie that she’s able to clearly articulate the threshold she’s crossing over.

Today we did Inanna. This is something I’d really been looking forward to. I love the great stories and myths and I know I tend to be anecdotal by nature (didn’t work so well in college when I tried to support my thesis with “that story my friend told me”). We learned the Inanna myth the way it was originally written down and then we learned how to adapt it for parents. As with all great stories, everyone takes away the message they need.

Later, we had to get into the mind of one of the characters in the story and act it out for everyone. I ended up doing Father Enki – Inanna’s maternal grandfather, who fashions little helpers out of the dirt from underneath his fingernails to go and help Innana get back from the Underworld. It seems silly, but I related most to this character because of his use of a nail file. I’d brought my whole nail kit with me and had refrained from my usual obsessive manicuring because I know it’s weird, but now I had the perfect excuse to use it. There were some other petty kick-ass performances – including G’s perfect embodiment of Ereshkigal and K’s contemporary take on Ninshubur.

Grandma received Last Rites and Absolutions today. Mom said she became very peaceful afterword…until about an hour later when she started cussing out God for not taking her home. I guess when you go to church every Sunday of your life, you earn a little leeway in how you speak to the Lord. Grandpa, her brothers and her mother have also been popping in and out to visit and help her make the crossing.

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