SF-Portland: Day 1

After only one trip back into the apartment to retrieve something I forgot, I began to make my way out of San Francisco around 8 this morning. I listened to the radio until it turned to static and then I put in my first mix of the trip – Pulled By Wagon, by my dear friend Curtis. As promised, it pulled me out onto the open road, and in to memories of travels past…

…my trip to Cleveland when I saw, and didn’t recognize, my first snow plow. I thought it was strange that someone had a mini bulldozer sitting in their yard and asked if it was “one of those snow pushing things…”

…my many trips back and forth along the I-5 and the places I’d meet/pick up friends along the way…

…shockingly, almost painfully, my time in Tanegashima (shimanchu no takara caught me off guard) and my friend who is soon to be married there, how much I want to go, how unsure I am if I am actually able…

…my homes in college and the dramas that occurred there, different faces, places, smells…

I stopped in Weed for old times sake to fill up on gas and food. Then I slipped across the border while singing along at full volume to my mom’s mix – a collection of songs from my childhood – to stave off my post-lunch food coma.

In Eugene I stopped at the REI for a few supplies and then, two hours later, I pulled in to Kelly’s driveway and was greeted by a hail storm, an old friend and her well-meaning, but psycho cat. We had some dinner, re-waterproofed my jacket and talked as if no time had passed.

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One Response to SF-Portland: Day 1

  1. Curtis says:

    Yeah. I’ve had the “painful” memories of Japan, sometimes from listening to that very song. But I think it can be a good kind of painful when I can use that to remember my time over there really meant something to me, and that it will always stay in my heart.

    No painful memories form Jim Carrey singing “I Am the Walrus,” eh? 🙂

    REALLY glad you liked the cd, and that it featured in your blog!!

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