Napa Day 2

We woke up this morning and had our complimentary continental breakfast at the River Terrace Inn, where we were staying. Then we headed down to the dock (no idea where this was) for our river boat tour. We were concerned about being late (we got lost) and once we got there we were even more concerned because there was no boat there! Thinking for sure that it had left without us, E called to talk to the captain only to learn that the captain’s mother had had a stroke and the captain had left suddenly to be with her. He and E apologized back-and-forth to one another and then we called the hotel to let them know what was going on. They offered us a refund for the trip, which we later spent on a nice lunch.

Napa Colors

Seeing as how it was a nice day and we were at a park anyway, we decided to take a walk down the river. As we walked through the marsh alongside the river, we passed Napa Valley College and spent a minute laughing at the sheep grazing and sleeping under a bunch of solar panels. We determined that a watershed and a water table are two different things, although I had never heard of a water table and E had never heard of a watershed. We talked about how Napa was a little weird – a mix of yuppie and gun shops – but that we felt our creative energies renewed from being there. At some point we made a loop and got stuck on one side of an inlet and had to turn around and go back the way we came.

We swung by the inn for our refund and went to lunch at a Tapas restaurant in downtown Napa. Then we bought a few more items (food) and made our way home.

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