I’m beginning to notice a theme as the year progresses – the months blurring together without much time to process them. I think I’ve been in almost constant “strike and capture” stress response mode, as one of the symptoms is the idea that “everything will be better when…” Right now I have myself convinced that things will be less crazy after I move, but it might just be that a new kind of crazy will come my way. Here were the highlights in May:

5/2/02 – Clothing Swap
5/6/09 – Met with my BFW adviser
5/7/09 – Walked all the way to the Marina and back
5/11/09 – Taught a bit in my mentor’s yoga class
5/14/09 – Signed lease
5/15/09 – Kat’s graduation
5/21/09 – IKEA/Target extravaganza
5/27/09 – Breakfast w/ Kim, Lunch w/ Mom, Doula meeting at SFGH
5/31/09 – Final yoga teacher training class and party

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