Kat’s Graduation

The Munchkat graduated May 15, 2009 from the University of Arizona.  It was in a packed Tucson Convention Center – standing room only and 10,000 seats filled.  It was a no frills ceremony – no speeches (save the strange one at the beginning that Mom later identified as a request to turn off our cell

phones), no honorary degrees convened.  What they did do however, was read EVERY name of all the graduates in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  All 1500 of them.  The highlights, and all the random stuff between, is best captured in the following transcript:

13:05, Kat:  Already bored haha

13:06, Aud:  Lol, this reminds me of when you were a frosh and would text in class

13:07, Kat:  Haha, I still text in class

13:10, Kat:  Haha, so if im reading this name card right, i am the 1770 person to be called

13:12, Aud:  Holy shit.  I should have brought a longer book

13:13, Kat:  Haha, i should have too

13:26, Kat:  Haha.  They want us to line ourselves up alphabetically.  Its like the laast test before we can grad

13:26, Aud:  Lol, it’s like a stupid ice breaker

13:27, Kat:  At least they’re trying?

13:29, Kat:  I know maybe 3ppl down here haha

13:30, Aud:  Eh.  Won’t be so bad when you puke on them.

13:30, Kat:  Haha.  True

13:56, Aud:  Hmmm, are you lined up yet?

13:57, Kat:  Yup.  In abc order too

13:58, Aud:  Thank god.  I was afraid you weren’t graduating

14:16, Aud:  The idiot with the airhorn is going to die

14:17, Kat:  Haha smack him!  And the first half of psych is moving

14:18, Aud:  The first half?  Christ on a cracker its not even half full

14:20, Kat:  Movement!

14:21, Aud:  Woot!  Jump a little so we know its you

14:53, Aud:  Haha!  Your dean is so corny

14:55, Kat:  I know.  Its almost sad.  And im completely distracted by the sparkley bling on this girls cap couple rows in front of me

14:57, Aud:  I know right.  Its like a cockatoos dream down there

14:58, Kat:  I know im like, i want a sparkley

14:59, Aud:  Down golem.  And i dig this guys tv announcer voice

15:00, Kat:  Its vader!

15:00, Aud:  Totally!

15:01, Kat:  Sparkley is from secrets of nimh thank you.  And i want him to say lets get ready to rumble

15:02, Kat:  Or, you shall not pass

15:03, Aud:  Hahahaha!  I cant believe its real!

15:04, Aud:  I feel bad for the woman.  She cant compete

15:04, Kat:  Yeah i want to know what he sounds like normally

15:05, Aud:  Could you imagine being in lecture with this guy?

15:07, Kat:  Would never fall asleep haha

15:08, Aud:  But youd always wonder what he was selling.  Oh man.  Underwear

15:08, Kat:  Nothin like a lil man flesh

15:09, Aud:  I wanted to see nipples

15:10, Kat:  Haha.  Yeah if youre gonna flash do it well

15:29, Aud:  I think we hit half way.  These pizza and coffee signs are mocking me

15:30, Kat:  Mock mock mock haha

15:31, Aud:  Wait were you around for that?  The mocking brownie?

15:31, Kat:  Maybe?

15:34, Aud:  Its just that without having heard each other mom and ab gave the brownie the same mock mock mock voice

15:41, Aud:  This is not abc order

15:42, Kat:  I know they lied haha

15:42, Aud:  Are we even in your major anymore

15:43, Kat:  Yeah.  Just a diff guy presenting

15:46, Aud:  Oh for some reason i heard communications…

13:46, Kat:  Next row is me

13:52, Aud:  Congratulations!

13:57, Kat:  Thanks!  And its 2 majors at once

14:02, Aud:  The man said cake

14:03, Kat:  Head out

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