April, like March, went by so quickly.  I think I have more to write about some of these things, but these were the highlights:

4/2/09 – Picnic with E

4/8/09 – Witnessed a birth

4/10/09 – Went to J’s Pot of Soul for brunch

4/14/09 – Got new car stereo installed

4/16/09 – Got my hair cut

4/20/09 – Nopa picnic with E; survived 71 up Haight

4/23/09 – Refilled my printer ink (did anyone else know you could do this?!)

4/25/09 – Got my website up and running

4/27/09 – Began tearing the lawn up in the backyard for a vegetable garden

It’s not a highlight, but it’s something that happened this month – we lost Guinan yesterday.  She got another one of her upper respiratory infections, which usually clears up with a round of antibiotics, but they weren’t doing the trick as well this time.  They took her into the vet to have her sinuses cleared and she never woke up from the anaesthesia.  This was a cat who had a bum back leg, no teeth (except her upper fangs), pretty blue eyes that went off in opposite directions, survived seizures, required twice-daily insulin shots and never got up off the couch.  I suspected she was well into her 200s and we all thought she was going to live forever.  And now the couch looks strangely empty.  It’s not that she was a very big cat, or even that she sprawled out…but right now, her absence is painfully noticeable.

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