February's Accomplishments

My first summer as an optional level gymnast was hard – I was in junior high, I was new to the team and my coaches yelled at me a lot.  I used to make myself ill just thinking about all of it.  After my mom had had enough of my shenanigans she told me that I could either quit, or I could go the rest of the summer without missing a day.  I opted for the latter and, in order to keep my spirits up, I started keeping a list of three things I felt good about at practice each day.  I found this list a while back when I was cleaning out my room and I was shocked to see how much I had accomplished.  I don’t remember how I felt about it then, but I imagine it must have been what got me through that summer.

I recently quit my job to pursue something new.  Worried about falling into a pit of despair (due to lack of income and perceived lack of productive activity), I decided to start making a list to remind myself of all that I AM doing.  Here are the highlights for February:

02/06/09:  Updated blogs and finished Santa Fe travel entries

02/08/09:  Mended skirt

02/12/09:  Went to Mom’s Blossom talk; vacuumed inside of car

02/14/09:  Did not drunk dial anyone

02/17/09 & 02/25/09:  Mailed corrected forms to Japan

02/18/09:  Went to Don Edward’s with E

02/20/09:  Attended first yoga teacher training class

02/24/09:  Saw Confessions of a Shopaholic with Linds

02/26/09:  Received kiss from Chef =) (this might actually be E’s accomplishment); went to NightLife at Cal Academy of Sciences

02/28/09:  Completed one of my tax forms

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One Response to February's Accomplishments

  1. kim says:

    Eep, tax forms! You’ve been quite productive. I also like your gymnastic stories.

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