Santa Fe Trail

I’m sure this isn’t a record, but it feels like one.  I got all my posts and photos from my recent trip to Santa Fe up on my travel blog.  This was supposed to be a trip to Portland, but because my yoga teacher certification class interfered with the Birthing From Within workshop in Portland, I opted to attend the workshop in Santa Fe instead.  E decided he wanted to come along for a bit, too, so we turned the first part of this trip into a little vacation. And I’m glad we did. New Mexico is very beautiful, in a rugged, old West kind of way. The buildings are made of adobe and if the wind picks up (which it did frequently) you spent the rest of the day brushing sand out of your face and hair. The crunchy-granola movement seems to be alive and well there, which provided an interesting contrast to the fact that the cars of choice seemed to be pick-ups or SUVs (you know, now that I think about it, this phenomenon is not unusual).

As for the workshop – while it was not what I expected, I did not leave disappointed. Overwhelmed, perhaps, but not disappointed. I felt I understood a lot of the material intuitively, but at the same time, I also realized that it’s much more difficult to convey information, rather than understand it. On a side note, I also discovered how I might act when in the company of a famous person: Pam England, the author of the book Birthing From Within and the founder of this philosophy was one of the facilitators at the workshop. I guess she doesn’t normally attend Level One workshops, so this was a real treat for us. Other people found it within themselves to ask her to sign their books, but I quite literally ran away any time she got within two feet of me. Apparently, her genius was too much for me. ::sigh:: I’m never going to get an autograph from anyone.

In other travel-related blogging, I created highlights pages for my Miyajima and Fukuoka trips, in addition to the page for this Santa Fe trip. Feel free to browse through those as well.

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