Santa Fe – Day 5

We got an early start today. We got right into the material and watched what an actual class might look like. two couples were brought in and it was so wonderful to see people who cared about one another so much being so honest and candid. One of the things they did was a “Birth Tiger Safari,” where they named the thing that they were most hoping to avoid in labor and then thought of some small way they could cope with that thing if it happened. We were invited to participate in the activity and I found this practice to be very applicable to all parts of my life – it really helped me work to the root of some of my own fears and find a way to make them more manageable.

In the afternoon session we did some work with the labyrinth and even drew our own.  We also practiced a pain-coping technique called ovarian breathing.  We did this with partners and I found that my partner’s light touch really helped me to be aware of my breath and visualize where to send the energy.  It reminded me of this Z-Health stuff they do at Mind Body Zone, where before you do an exercise, the instructor stimulates you ankle, let’s say, to bring your attention to the work your ankle is about to do.

Gah.  I have homework but I totally just want to vege out and take a bath.

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