Santa Fe – Day 3

Despite our planning, we still had some issues with the rental car company this morning.  When we finally made it down to the office and dealt with their fake sincerity, we discovered that the car had no gas.  ::grimaces::  After we filled up, we headed to the mountain.  We rented our gear at Cottam’s, which seemed like a pretty fun place to work (the staff was awesome).  E had to ward off offers of 40% discounted gloves, but we made it out and up to the resort pretty quickly.

We spent the morning on some of the easier slopes in order to get used to our gear, and because we couldn’t figure out how to get up higher.  The view from where we were was beautiful though.  The snow contrasted so perfectly with the bright blue sky.  One of the really cool things going on at Ski Santa Fe was the “Adaptive Skiing School,” which was where they taught disabled people to ski.  The skier would sit in a basket that was attached to two skis stuck together.  Then a person would ski behind them holding on to straps attached to the basket.  Sometimes we’d see a skier with poles that had a blade/mini-ski attached.  It was the first time I’d ever seen that done and it was very cool to watch.

After lunch we headed back up with the intention of finding our way up higher.  We missed the turnoff though, and ended up going down the way we had already been going.  And that’s when I caught an edge and broke my ass.  I fell so hard I actually couldn’t move for a few seconds.  After some lying around* and making sure I could feel my toes, I got up and limped (if you can do that on a snowboard) the rest of the way down.  I figured I was just bruised wince it didn’t hurt to shift my weight around, but on our next trip down, things started twinging in ways that made me less than thrilled.  So we called it a day.

We returned our stuff and pulled into 10,000 Waves, a Japanese style spa near the resort.  It was AMAZING!!!  We showered (I had yuzu scented everything) and then got some tea and water and were shown to our tub.  It was an outdoor tub called “kobuta” since apparently when they first built those tubs, the neighbors got so upset that they put piglets on the other side of the fence.  Luckily the piglets have since been removed and I was reminded of Kill Bill and Sapporo as we soaked in the tub and looked at the snow.

After another shower and a stop in the relaxation room, we went back to the hotel to put down our stuff and get some dinner.  I had requested green chili and beer so we asked around and found a place nearby.  E had stuffed sopaipillas and I had a giant quesadilla (both of which were smothered in green chili).  We keep getting warned about the spiciness of the chili, but it’s not ruin-your-meal spicy at all.  I think I’m going to try to find a recipe when I get home.

We drove around to some convenience stores to pick up pain killers and beer (not as bad as it sounds) and got back in time to watch the Colbert Report.  There was a great clip of him interviewing a guy about the chicken wing shortage, which everyone should find and watch.

*So I’m wondering if like cycling, I should rethink snowboarding (for the record, I’ve re-thought cycling, but I’ve largely ignored these thoughts).  I don’t think I suck and I like doing it, but I keep falling and getting hurt.

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