Santa Fe – Day 2

We woke up early this morning with the intent to go skiing, but the rental car company nearest to us was out of cars and the one a bit further away was running late to come get us, so we decided to spend today exploring downtown.  Our first stop was REI to pick up some long underwear for me (my bottoms weren’t cutting it and we had a long day of walking around ahead of us) and some gear for tomorrow for E.  Then we walked around the rail yard and headed downtown.

We walked all over – stopping into shops and oohing and ahhing through the windows.  The crafts (jewelry, pottery, furniture, rugs) around here are beautiful, but the clothing leaves something to be desired.  And it’s all really expensive.  I kind of wonder where the normal people shop.


We had lunch at the Blue Corn Cafe, where I had my first encounter with New Mexico’s famous green chili.  OMG.  So good.  After that we walked around a bit more and stopped inside St. Francis Cathedral.  It’s undergoing some major renovations/restorations for the 400th year anniversary (it’s older than the missions!).  I think the care-taker said that it used to be five churches that then got combined into one big one.  The oldest part looked a lot like the missions – it had the same kind of high altar and wooden-beamed ceilings.  It also had the scariest crucifix I’ve ever seen – Jesus was more banged up than usual and he had real hair.  I think that was the part that creeped me out the most – the hair.  We talked to some nice people about the cathedral’s history and then headed back to the inn to rest up before dinner.

We had dinner at Aqua Santa, a small intimate restaurant near downtown.  We had a salad and fried oysters over spinach to start and then a pear/brussel sprout pasta dish and stuffed quail as our entree.  It was so amazing!  Everything was so delicious.  I think my favorite was the pasta, though I’d never had quail before and that was really good, too.  For dessert we had panna cotta even though neither of us really knew what it was (yeah…my boyfriend’s a cook).  It turns out to be a kind of pudding/flan thing, just the perfect amount of sweet.

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