Fukuoka Is…

Fukuoka is, like, a real city. It’s big and busy and crowded and has tall buildings and bright lights. But somehow it doesn’t make me feel gross and overwhelmed the way some cities ::cough::Tokyo::cough:: do.

Fukuoka is a transportation hub. You can enter the city via boat, plane, train or car, and what’s really amazing is that if you wanted to change modes of transportation, you could do so without wasting an entire day getting from Point A to Point B. Plus, maps of the city make sense, so it’s not hard to get around on your own.

Fukuoka is hip. It’s supposed to be the fastest growing city in Japan (Asia?) and it shows. From shopping to food to entertainment, Fukuoka has it all.

E and I spent three days there, but I have a feeling it’s one of those places that we could just as easily have spent a week, or a month or…

To read more about our laid back adventure, click *here*

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