Fukuoka Day 3

Today we got breakfast and Starbucks and Seattle’s Best where we got coffee and muffins, respectively (they were right across the street from each other. It was like being in Portland). Then we attempted to take Tenjin by storm, but the weather was creating some problems (I’m well aware that I missed an opportunity for a pun there). You’d think that it would be perfect to go shopping on a rainy day, but unlike Canal City, Tenjin isn’t a single mall, it’s a shopping district, so E and I spent a lot of time darting between buildings and being whacked by other people’s umbrellas. Since shopping was a bust we made our way over to Best Denki for chair massages, which were great up until the time I was scolded by a sales clerk for being in the chair for too long. I pointed out to her that I still had two more minutes to go, at which point she rolled her eyes at me and reluctantly told me I could stay. I tried, but really the whole experience was kind of ruined.

Then we headed back to Canal City and saw 27 Dresses, which I actually really liked. After the movie, we had dinner at a place that puts garlic in all their dishes, which is the most genius idea ever, except that E and I probably reeked for the rest of the night.  Even though we didn’t do much today, it was still nice to walk around the city.  I especially love the view of the canal at night, with all the neon lights reflecting off the water.

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