Fukuoka Day 2

Scariest roller coaster I've been on in a while

Today we walked to Hakata Station and bought our tickets to Space World. In addition to our tickets, we also bought these giant nikuman that I had fallen in love with when I went through Hakata on my way back from Korea. Space World was deserted when we got there. At first E and I weren’t sure what to do with ourselves since there were no hour-long lines to stand in, but we soon got over that. We rode some rides and the ferris wheel and then…went…ice-skaing. I know, not what you’d expect in June or in a theme park, but hey, space is cold. After determining that we were not going to be the next pairs figure skating Olympic champions we went through a fun house called Alien Attack Panic. Several years ago, Victo and I went to the Pirates of Emerson haunted house on Halloween. Pirates of Emerson was notoriously scary and Victo clung to me and screamed the entire way, while I laughed hysterically at her ability to produce sound at that volume. Let’s just say that as we were walking through Alien Attack Panic, E was doing the laughing. The last ride we rode today was called Zaturn, which launched us at 130 km/h around this giant, near-vertical loop. 130 km/h isn’t actually that fast, but when I say “launched,” I mean launched. We reached that speed in under two seconds. After three hours at the park, we’d done everything there was to do and started walking back toward the train station. It kind of made me wonder how quickly you could get through Great America if you had the park to yourself.

We we got back to Fukuoka, we stopped at a street vendor for a snack (meat on sticks!). The view of the canal was nice, but we were kind of expecting the street vendor to be more talkative. We guessed things probably picked up later at night. We had Indian food for dinner and then went in search of drinks. We found a cafe/bar called Pronto in Tenjin, where we had some awesome shochu mixed with some kind of herbal extract and mint leaves. It was so refreshing and delicious, but I’m not convinced acerola is a word.

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