Hiroshima, Day 2

I love breakfast. And I love Japanese food. So Japanese breakfast has to rank up there with Denny’s All-American Slam and Mom’s three-cheese omelettes as my all-time favorite breakfast foods. The rice porridge in particular rocked my world.

Itsukushima Shrine

After breakfast Joanne and Lowell and I spent a very relaxing day on Miyajima. I’ve been to Hiroshima twice before, but I’d never made it out to Miyajima, despite all the wonderful things I’d heard about it and all the beautiful pictures I’d seen. Apparently my grandmother went to Japan a while back and the one thing that she remembers crystal clearly is Miyajima’s famous gate. The weather was gorgeous and the ferry ride pleasant and I was not disappointed by what Miyajima had to offer. After meandering around Itsukushima Shrine for a bit, we made our way out to the gate itself. The tide was out, so we were actually able to get pretty close to it. It really is beautiful and the flawless orange paint made me think of the Golden Gate Bridge and home a little. I can only imagine how it would look at night or under snow.

We spent the rest of our time walking around one of the parks and eating and chatting. We saw the Five Story Pagoda and the neighboring Senjokaku – a hall that was built to honor fallen warriors. We also stopped by a local handicrafts shop, which had some beautiful and intricately fretted wooden plates. We returned to the hotel to freshen up and then finally found Nobu, the restaurant that we had been looking for the night before. The tag line for Nobu was something like “creative sushi,” and apparently the chef had spent some time in America. Their specialty was rolls, similar to the kind you’d find in California (Rainbow Roll, Dragon Roll, Caterpillar Roll, etc), but all their food was delicious and gorgeously presented.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and got some much needed rest.

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