Hiroshima, Day 1

Only five days after returning home from Korea, I boarded a plane to Hiroshima to meet up with my Aunt Joanne and Uncle Lowell. I nearly missed the plane – well missed by American standards. Ten minutes before the plane is scheduled to leave is still on time in Japan (sometimes they won’t even let you board until ten minutes beforehand). I’m not really sure how it happened – it was one of those times where I ended up running late even though I left ahead of schedule. At any rate, I arrived, was the last person to board and made it safely to Kagoshima, where I hung out for a few hours and then boarded yet another plane to Hiroshima Nishi Airport. Hiroshima Nishi is apparently the old airport, only used for people coming in from Kagoshima and Miyazaki. This airport is so stripped down that even Tanegashima Airport has more amenities. From there I took a cab to the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel where my aunt and uncle were staying. It was good to see them and we decided to do our catching up over dinner. After failing to find a sushi restaurant we were looking for, we had okonomiyaki for dinner, which they seemed to enjoy. Okonomiyaki is one of my favorites, too (Hiroshima-style being preferable to Kansai-style), and I still can’t believe it hasn’t found its way to America. We returned to the hotel and stayed up late chatting in the bar before deciding that we absolutely must get some sleep.

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