Pillars of Creation

Title: Pillars of Creation

Author: Terry Goodkind

Synopsis: The 7th book in the Sword of Truth series follows Jennson, a woman in her 20’s, as she journeys through the Old and New Worlds looking for the person hunting her since she was six. Her search is aided and thwarted by various people. On her journey she comes to know herself and better understand her place in the world.

Things That Annoyed Me: Gosh, there were so many. I found the first 600 (of 700) pages difficult to get through because Jennson was driving me crazy. She’s not the traditional main character in this series and as she had just joined forces with the “bad guys”, she spent a lot of time talking smack about characters I’ve come to know and love. Naturally I found this infuriating and ended up skipping ahead trying to find out when those characters would appear to set the record straight. This of course ruined the book for me because of just how far I had to skip ahead.

Next on my list was what appeared to be a lot of frivolous dialog. Maybe Goodkind doesn’t want to give anything away that he’s going to revel in the next novel, but I found myself frequently irked by how the characters couldn’t a) get to the point, b) stick to the point, c) explain themselves fully, or d) set up context for something that they were about to explain in quite a bit of detail.

Finally, these last couple of books have gotten kind of preachy. Sometimes it gets to be a little like Ayn Rand meets “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Most of the time I agree with the sentiments, but sometimes I wish Goodkind would lay off the dead horse.

Things That Made It All Worth It: You know you’re dealing with a good story-teller when the last 100 pages make up for the previous 600 pages of teeth-gnashing.

1/7 (books read/books I resolved to read)

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