California Day 23

I woke up this morning thinking that my trip back to Japan hadn’t been that bad.  Then I realized that I hadn’t even left yet.  ::groans::

I got dressed and ready and Mom made me runny eggs with the last whole grain wheat toast I’ll see for eight months.  We made the drive to SFO and tried to check in at ANA, but was informed that I was flying United, even though I bought my tickets through ANA and flew ANA to America.  The Star Alliance confuses the shit out of me. 

We stood in line for an hour, but I finally made it to security.  Of course, I was kind of stressed out by that point and nearly forgot to say goodbye to my parents (sorry about that guys).  I was stressed, because it was only an hour before my flight and I thought I had to go through customs (which I did before leaving Japan), but it turns out that America doesn’t really care who *leaves* the country. 

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