California Day 21

I made the genius decision today to see both my exes.  After a minimal amount of torture at the dentist, I made the drive up to San Rafael to see Austin.  he’s living in the apartment under his mom’s place and while the place is different, it still has Austin’s stamp on it.  In fact, somehow I was reminded of his studio in Portland

We got sandwiches at Michael’s Sourdough and they were just as delicious as promised.  We talked about nothing in particular (as we are wont to do) – traveling came up for a bit – about being called to certain places.  He said, “You have to follow your sense of wonder.”  It so perfectly summed up how I felt about traveling that there didn’t seem to be anymore to say on the subject. 

Later I was painfully reminded of one of the reasons I originally wanted to leave the Bay Area (and it has nothing to do with Austin) – horrible, soul-crushing traffic.  It took me two hours to go from San Rafael to Fremont!!  I met up with Justin in a less-than-pleasant mood and we went hunting for things to fix my room up.  We ended up at Lowe’s where I bought some shelves and then we split a six pack in my car while sitting in front of his house.  He thought I was being ridiculous for not wanting to come inside, but I thought it was reminscent of all the times we used to do this in high school (minus the beer).  Justin and I have always been good at talking to each other and it was nice to be able to do that again.  We talked about everything – where we were, how we got there.

And as usual, I got exposed to some new music. 

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