California Day 20

Today I managed to wake up early all by myself.  I take this to be a bad sign because it means I ‘ve finally adjusted to California time only to return to Japan at the end of this week.

We took Kat to the Oakland Airport around nine and I was somewhat bemused to not that Kat’s car-ride demeanor hasn’t changed much.  I felt bad doing so much of the talking during her last minutes with us, but she was struggling to stay awake the whole way up.  She perked up at the airport and we all said our goodbyes and then she disappeared through security.

AB went to work and Mom and I bummed around all day and chatted.  Then Mom gave me a massage.  It lived up to all the hype and I’m glad that she has at last found something that she seems to so thoroughly enjoy.  She was able to tell my lower back was hurting even though I didn’t mention it.  The most interesting part was when she was doing energy work.  I could always tell when she was doing it because it always made me feel a bit giddy.  When she was working on my shoulder and head and feet, I was able to hold it together, but when she tapped in to the energy in my throat and heart I completely dissolved into giggles.  At the throat it felt like she was charging the paddles you use to jump-start someone’s heart and at the heart I felt that giddy sensation after you’ve smoked a bowl and it’s just starting to take effect.  Mom said she’d like to play around with more energy work with me since I seem to be sensitive to it.  I’d like to try, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop laughing. 

After the massage we chatted some more and then I scampered off to workout.  I was supposed to hang out with Steph, but she got hung up at work, so instead I’ve been catching up on some journaling. 

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