California Day 19

This morning I woke up anticipating a phone call from Steph, but when she didn’t call, I fell asleep again, only to actually be awoken by her an hour later.  After we chatted a bit, I worked out a little and consumed a massive amount of cereal. 

After two hours at the dentist, Kat finally returned and we went to get pedicures.  They were out of the color Kat wanted, but I had my toes done up in “sporty karr red.”  Afterward, I ended up way over-tipping the pedicurist because I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that an hour long pedicure was only $20.  I’ll admit, I totally panicked and blurted out the first number in my head ($10) and immediately felt foolish.  Oh well.  Live and learn. 

Kat and I had lunch with Patricia, who seems well.  A little frail perhaps, but as optimistic as ever.  Pat told us that she was being well-taken care of by all her “kids.”  Even though she only had one child herself, she took care of so many of us for so long that we’re only too happy to finally be able to return the favor. 

Kat and I went to get waxes and facials at the European Day Spa.  Mine was fantastic and totally what I needed, but apparently Kat’s didn’t go so well. 

I made okonomiyaki for dinner.  I would have liked to have put more stuff in it, but it was a hit nonetheless.  Mom was already plotting how she could modify it and Linds was just happy that it involved bacon.  The shochu didn’t go over as well, I think.  Probably a bit too strong. 

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